Rook1e - Sleepy Boy | Vinyl

Rook1e - Sleepy Boy | Vinyl

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A beat tape about love, life, heartbreak, solitude, distance, and dreams...


Side A

1. Growing Up (feat. biosphere)
2. Things Will Change (feat. Kupla)
3. It's Okay to be Alone
4. Manifest Destiny
5. Away From Here
6. Where the Sun Shines (feat. Cloudchord)
7. Old Soul
8. Daydreams
9. Acai Bowls on Huntington Beach (feat. Oatmello)
10. Pastel Skies (feat. Tomcbumpz)
11. Breathe Slow (feat. Meltycanon)
12. What Love Is

Side B

1. The Summer We Grew Apart
2. Delicate Memories (feat. Letjoux)
3. Walks Along the Promenade (feat. aimless)
4. Waking Up Next to U
5. Conversations with Constellations
6. It's Been A Long Day, I Could Use a Nap
7. Bedtime Stories (feat. Casual Shifuku)
8. Thanks for All the Adventures (feat. Barnes Blvd)

Bonus (Side B)

1. Grape Soda
2. I Fell in Love With You One Night in September
3. Our House by the Waterfall
4. Pure Imagination (feat. j'san)


Format: 12'' Black vinyl (33 rpm)